Services we Provide:

  • Full Log book Servicing including stamping book
  • Diagnose and repair faults with your vehicle
  • Supply, fit and balance Tyres
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Pick up and Delivery Service available

Supply and fit:

  • Exhaust and accessory fittings
  • Brake caliper, pads and lines
  • Chains and Sprockets
  • Stock and Performance air filters

Dyno Tuning:

  • Installation and custom mapping of Power commander III and V
  • ECU remapping with Power Vision
  • ECU remapping with Screaming Eagle Race Tuner
  • ECU remapping with Woolich Racing Software
  • ECU remapping with Tuneboy Software
  • Carburettor rejetting and jet kits


Please give us a call to discuss your requirements – (08) 9524 6091